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Minor project

A minor project can be defined as a substantial individual piece of work that is completed under supervision of faculty. It is a bit of code which can be made by a group or a person. It can be made in any of the programming languages like .Net, C,C++,Java and so on. Small-scale projects are utilized as a part of students field. It is a source code with enhanced capacities which can even be taken as the last year venture. It’s like which works in terms of functionality but breaks in production.

A minor project has a high importance in a student’s life. It is a platform to implement what he/she has learnt. It helps in giving strong hold on the technology. Hence gaining confidence and experience. He/she also learns the skill of troubleshooting in real time. Moreover, it gives an exposure that how to work in a team as well as that how to present your work.


Major Project

A major project is like a minor project but here a student has to make or work upon a live project or a full real life application system. It is a facility to get to work on the techniques being used, or will be used in real world. The team members have to abide by the guidelines given by the client or the project leader or the manager. It is also known as “Real Project” or “Live Build Project”.

While working for a major project, accountability is must and all the team members(ie. students) are expected to foster the best attitude. A major project has a very high importance in a student’s life. It is a platform for the students to implement what they have learnt. It helps in giving strong hold on the technology, thus gaining vital experience and confidence. They learn to work on deadlines, set by the project leader or the manager. They then learn to survive work pressures and to test actual results, as they work in a live environment. Most importantly, they also get to learn to face and resolve real-time issues to work efficiently and to handle important data, which is crucial for any company.

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